The Medicare Moment

Medicare Moment May 2017

Medicare Minute Getting my meds is a hassle! Over the past few years we have witnessed adjustments to certain medications that are now being restricted by Medicare. Many folks think it’s their drug company plan that is causing these extra prescription hassles. No,...

Medicare Minute April 2017

Confusion about ordering Diabetic Supplies?   We get many calls where folks have confusion over who pays for what when it comes to diabetic supplies. Now we all know your insulin is ordered from your drug plan, but the supplies are not covered by drug plans. So where...

March Medicare Minute

We teach hundreds of Medicare education classes a year all over Maricopa County, but folks still call us with questions, which is great! Some questions we get, have to deal with names of the parts of Medicare. So let’s clarify names, parts, and plans. Parts of...

February Medicare Minute

We will hear the comment “I was denied, but with Obamacare I thought there weren’t­ supposed to be any medical or pre-existing questions.” This is like comparing apples to oranges. The Affordable Care Act has absolutely nothing to do with Medicare. This is actually...

How to Choose a Medicare Plan [2017]

We share how Medicare works, and explain all of the options available to you. Finally we share a process to make a plan selection that is most appropriate for your personal needs, with no gimmicks, just the facts.

5 Myths about Medicare

1 - Medicare supplements were standardized by the government in 1989. It doesn’t matter if you buy a plan from Company X or Company Y, the benefits are exactly the same. Furthermore, Medicare actually processes every claim, then sends the Medicare supplement company...

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