Saving Money on my Prescription Drugs!

By David S Edge

Bernice has been a client for years, and like a good team player, she waits for her contact from us to remind her to check her Part D prescription drug plan which will ensure that she is on the most appropriate plan for next year. She has a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) to cover her medical expenses along with her original Medicare. Her Medigap plan coverage doesn’t change over the years, but…her Part D prescription plan changes every year!

This year, Bernice had major changes in her prescription drug use and was concerned about her costs, which includes her monthly premium, as well as a deductible and co-pays. She had one new medication that was of particular concern, due to its high retail cost.
After filling out her request she received from us, and submitting her updated medications, our team was now ready to research her needs for 2018. During the process, we did indeed have a difficult time finding a plan that was reasonable for the one expensive medication, but our search didn’t end with just the 22 Part D plans available in her zip code. We also researched discount websites as well as Canadian pharmacies. We found a Canadian pharmacy that would save her hundreds of dollars in costs by simply ordering her medication via mail. Her Part D prescription drug plan was good for all of her other medications. When researching a plan to cover your medications, we sometimes need to search outside the box.

When purchasing medications abroad, the USA Federal Drug Administration does have a warning about purchasing prescription medications in Mexico, as the Cartels have gotten into counterfeit prescription medications. So, this is just a precautionary note about buying prescription medications in that country, as you simply don’t know if you are getting the real drug or not.

Remember, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan your Part D prescription drug plan coverage is included as part of the all-in-one plan. You can, however, check your plan and know exactly what your co-pays will be for next year in the event there were any changes to your plan. Medicare Advantage plans can change the tiers of the drugs as well as your co-pays, and the deductible from year to year.

When replacing your Part D prescription drug plan, make sure you shop all your options. Better yet, let us help! Look for your emails that ask you to follow a link to provide your current information. Hit submit. It’s that easy! Or call us, and our team will assist you with submitting your information so that our research team can get busy and make sure you are aware of your options for 2018! It’s a simple help us to help you!

Oh, by the way, Bernice is thrilled that we saved her money, and found the most appropriate solution for 2018!







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