Our client, Samantha, called us in a panic in that her recent diagnosis had confirmed her worse fears, that she has cancer.

To her relief, it was the treatable kind but was going to require many labs, a lot of therapy, and radiology. She had originally selected a Medicare Advantage Plan just 9 months ago on her birthday month, which was also her starting month for Medicare coverage.
She knew that she had good coverage with the Advantage plan she selected but was concerned with all her treatments that she would wind up spending way too much money on co-pays and that she would be limited to the cancer treatment facilities in her Advantage network.

“I want to get my treatments, select the facilities, hospital, and doctors anywhere I want!

Lucky for her, she had an opportunity to switch back to original Medicare, She selected a Medicare Supplement (Medigap), and an independent Part D Drug plan, which would allow her to do want she wanted.
When she came to her appointment with her husband and oldest daughter in close support, we reminded her that anyone can switch back to Original Medicare if they are in their first 12 months of being enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. No harm, no foul, no penalty. She would then be able to have Medicare, a Medicare Supplement (Medigap), and a Part D Drug Plan. We were able to take her through the selection process and assisted her in her choice of which Medigap plan she felt was most appropriate for her out of all the Medigap plans available, and not just what someone was trying to sell her.
We also checked the cancer medications she would be taking on all twenty-three Plan D medication plans in her geographic area and

was able to find a plan with the lowest co-pays for her cancer drugs. We reminded her that any cancer treatment or medications used at her doctor’s office, outpatient facility, or hospital would be covered by Medicare and her Medigap coverage. Just the prescriptions she would be filling at the drugstore to take home would have co-pays with her Part D plan coverage.
Sam was relieved beyond belief and thanked us for our knowledge and ability to search all the plans available to her.

“I would not have known even where to start!”  she exclaimed.

We remind all our clients when a question arises, call us and we will do our very best to understand your situation and what options are available to you.

Financial or Medical, call us we can help!