The Medicare Moment

Demystifying Medicare Premiums 2019

Determining what you will pay for Medicare is often a confusing and frustrating process. Read on for some clarity… Medicare Part A covers Hospital services. Most people will pay no premium for Part A because they are eligible based on their, or their spouse’s, work...

Medicare Enrollment Change- 2019

With the new changes to the enrollment procedures to apply for your Medicare benefits, you can no longer simply go to and enroll.
You must first go to… [Click the link to read more]

Medicare lingo January 2019

Sometimes, when discussing Medicare, folks get confused with some of the lingo and acronyms used by government employees and professional advisors. IEP, AEP, SEP, OEP, what the heck? So, let’s clear up some of the mystery on these Medicare terms. IEP (Initial...

Medicare Open Enrollment (OEP) – 2018

For folks that have a Medicare Advantage Plan only, the “Annual Disenrollment Period” (ADP) has been eliminated and replaced with an Open Enrollment Period (OEP - January 1 through March 31, 2019). Many folks think that the Medicare Open Enrollment Period has to do...

Medicare is better for 2019

For 2019 there are even more plans to pick from than 2018. Good news - more plans; bad news - more plans. Remember to get with your advisor to ensure you are on the most appropriate plan for 2019. Is your doctor and hospital still on your Medicare Advantage Plan...

Cancer Scare! 2018

Our client, Samantha, called us in a panic in that her recent diagnosis had confirmed her worse fears, that she has cancer. To her relief, it was the treatable kind but was going to require many labs, a lot of therapy, and radiology. She had originally selected a...

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